Organic CuddlyWrap

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Babies need and love to be held. It calms and soothes them, promoting optimal health and development. Developed and recommended by health care providers, the CuddlyWrap™ is a hands-free way to hug your baby close so they feel safe and secure. Hands-free carrying helps with day to day activities.

The ergonomic design of the CuddlyWrap™ — with no straps or stress points — ensures that the weight of the baby is evenly distributed over your entire upper body. The CuddlyWrap™ positions the baby so that their hips and legs are properly supported, preventing stress on the developing hips and spine.

This lightweight, breathable, 100% certified organic cotton baby carrier holds your infant in one of multiple possible positions – premature/newborn cradle or upright, and classic cuddle facing in or out. Suitable for premature/newborn infants through to toddlers – no age, weight, or carrying time restrictions.

Each CuddlyWrap™ comes with a detailed instructional DVD and manual in English, French, and Spanish.


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