Gift Registry


Want to create a new gift registry?

  1. Sign in if you are a registered user. (If not, please create an account to access the gift registry service.)
  2. Create a new registry. Fill in the fields.
  3. Visibility. Choose "Public" to make your registry viewable by the general public. Choose "Private" to restrict viewing of your registry to invitees only. (Invitees must have an e-mail address to access your registry.)
  4. Add invitees. Input the email addesses of your guests by clicking the "+" icon.
  5. Guestbook option. Choose "Enable" to allow you and guests to post messages.
  6. Add new. Click "Add New" when you have completed the form. (A gift registry key is displayed, which you may record to access your registry in the future. Alternatively, you may log-in, click "Search" in the Gift Registry box, select your registry and edit.)
  7. Search and add items. In your new registry, search and add products under the "Products" tab.
  8. Send notifications. Notify guests of your new registry by clicking on the "Notifications" tab, selecting the email addresses of your invitees, then clicking "Send notification to selected." (Your invitees will receive a notice about the registry, be able to view your registry and buy products from your registry.)
  9. Purchase notice. When someone buys from your registry, you will receive a notice.

That's it! If you have questions or need further assistance, please contact us. We will do our best to respond within 1 business day.